Wise School Transportation manages buses and vehicles in your pool, parts inventory, work orders, trip planning, routing, and staff. By building a complete case history of every vehicle, the system monitors operating costs, repairs, maintenance services and fuel use. Inspection tracking is built into the system. This feature saves you time, track’s needs, work orders, and schedules next inspections.

Wise Transportation
  • Easy to use and implement.
  • Track inspections for each bus within each district.
  • Create categories and items to track based off the vehicle criteria.
  • System allows you to setup your inspection forms and process based on your state requirements. Easy to change when the time comes.
  • State officials will have access to all district information.
  • Each Inspection can be setup based off your timeframes.
  • Tracks history each district, bus, employee, inspector, area, item, and more. 
  • Accessible from anywhere using any device with internet access.
  • Inspection / Specification Manuals can be included.
  • Dashboards allow for evaluating data.
Wise Transportation
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Email: sales@gowisenow.com
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Fairhope, Alabama 36533
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